The Latest Rumor from Seatopia

March 15, 2012

Whoever chimes in on Media Blasters’ Facebook page responded to a suggestion by one reader that the company ought to release a barebones DVD and/or Blu-ray edition of Godzilla vs. Megalon, and then if and when Toho approves the disputed extra features (including the audio commentary done by Steve Ryfle and yours truly), at that point Media Blasters could reissue Megalon as a Special Edition.

“That is what we are doing,” was the response.

This is news to me, and perhaps even news to the people making the decisions at Media Blasters. My impression is that the person or persons manning the Facebook page are loose cannons, occasionally revealing information the company wants kept under wraps at that time and/or make statements that turn out to be entirely without merit.

What does appear to be true is that idea of a barebones release is at least being considered, though it’s possible, even likely, that no final decision has been made at this point.

From a purely financial standpoint, a barebones release probably makes sense – assuming Media Blasters didn’t already go to the expense of replicating several thousand copies of that original, special features-laden version, which is possible. Presumably Toho would put up little resistance to a barebones version, though they’d probably still insist on approving the cover art, menu screens, etc.

But, as my pal Gary Teetzel posed in an email earlier today, “Do [Media Blasters] honestly believe there is a strong enough market to support a special edition release a few months later? Are there really enough die-hard Megalon fans out there who would be willing to double dip?”

No, I don’t think so. I can’t imagine a title this outre selling more than a few thousand copies among hard-core fans in any form, and no more than a couple hundred willing to double dip. If there’s a barebones release that’ll likely be it. Media Blasters will recover some of the money invested in this and Destroy All Monsters and that’ll be the end of that.

The good news, I guess, is that Media Blasters seems like they may hang on long enough to get at least some version of this title out, but the chances that the commentary Steve and I did will ever see the light of day are increasingly dim. Too bad. We put a lot of effort into it, the film’s cast and crew had a lot of interesting things to say about the film’s production, as did Ted Thomas regarding its U.S. distribution.

I’ll keep you posted.

7 Responses to “The Latest Rumor from Seatopia”

  1. If your commentary doesn’t get distributed on DVD, then you should put it up on RiffTrax. They allow serious commentary tracks also, and it’s a good way to see your work get out to the public. They also split the profits with the people who submit to them.

  2. stuartgalbraithiv Says:

    Well, I was paid – finally – for the work regardless of whether it gets released or not. If ultimately Media Blasters never releases it in any form, it’s possible Steve Ryfle and I might explore some way to distribute it ourselves, but that would be a long way off, if it happens at all. I think both of us would rather see this released with the audio commentary track intact, in tandem with the movie.

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  4. SoooTrypticon Says:

    Hello there! I mean this with the utmost seriousness, but to me, Megalon was always the “Gay” Godzilla film. Is this addressed in the commentary at all? I wonder if this theme, or the mention of it, is what has kept the film so tightly held by TOHO. Either way, I hope it gets released with your work on it. Megalon has a special place in my heart- I grew up watching it on VHS as a kid- it was one of the few Godzilla tapes we had.

    Good Luck!

    • stuartgalbraithiv Says:

      I’m pretty sure Steve Ryfle and I discussed this at some point, but whether any of that ended up in the final cut of the commentary track I don’t recall.

      Thanks for writing!

  5. SoooTrypticon Says:

    Wild! Well, good luck again, and I look forward to the release. Hope it happens!

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